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Friday Influences Thread!!!! 1-18-13


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  • Friday Influences Thread!!!! 1-18-13

    New digs!!! I see they've added the ability to embed vids. S'good.



    Listen to this.


    I wrote a piece very much like this when I was 16. Mine was for Rhodes piano, fluglehorn and flute (my Mangione/Bellavia phase) and was no where near as sublime... But the root of its appeal is similar. I love this kind of music. Simple with well thought out "tricks" to heighten the impact of its intended emotion. Here, the emotion is an aching beauty.

    For sake of easy communication, let's pretend this is in Am as opposed to Cm. The tonality of the piece is mapped out in a beat and a half. That left hand plays A B C E C B A. Those are the first 3 notes of the A minor scale, then that jump to E, the perfect 5th, neatly frames the chord and key, in case there were any doubts.  2 full bars of that little tonality defining motif. Then... that wonderfully simple harmonized melody. Ahhhh. But listen to  the 2nd bar of that melody, bar 4 in the piece...

    ...we want to go to the G chord, as in the 2nd chord of the AllAlongTheAndAsWeWindOnDownTheRoad change. Am, G, F, G... Apparently Granados dug Dylan and Page? Right at that 2nd bar of the melody, he still starts his left hand bass part with the A, B...


    That's the point that made me listen to this piece 30 times this week. A is not part of our desired G chord, but B is. So, he gets to it, we just don't know he had, due to the precedent he set. (Epiphany moment, the precedent he set, and our expectations along with it.) The 2nd note in that bass pattern in that second bar is still B like before but is followed with the change to notes D, G. B - D - G. Spelled another way is G - B - D. The G major triad. The initial A was a clinger on'er from his establish precedent, then we find he has slyly landed us in the G chord. But for a moment, the B is both the 2 step in the Am scale, still playing within an Am chord, and is the 3rd of the G chord. And that melody above is achingly beautiful because of it...


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    Lee Knight wrote:

    New digs!!! I see they've added the ability to embed vids. S'good.



    Epiphany moment, the precedent he set, and our expectations along with it.



    In a linear art form that's what it is all about. :cat:

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      "I'm gonna keep my skillet greasy if I can"


      What a great line



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        Been listening to this Afro Beat band a lot


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      Here's a track from my boy.  I can honestly say he's been a big influence on me, because he's been playing and writing longer than I have, and he's a whole lot better than I am.


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        Mike Ness may be a 4-chord hack, but I like a lot of Social Distortion songs anyway.  This is one of my favorites.