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kitchens and songwriting

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  • kitchens and songwriting

    Kitchens seem to be appearing in this forum on a regular basis. Are songwriting and kitchens connected? Osmosis, Symbiosis? In the goodolddays demos were done into a cassette recorder at the kitchen table alongside the teapot and a half-eaten sandwich. Are dirty dishes in the sink the missing ingredient in the modern DAW- driven song? Help me understand..........

    Writing songs in my kitchen

    Chewin' fat there as well

    Far away from your bitchin'

    I play the old show and tell

    'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn'.

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    I do most of my demos in the kitchen. It is not a new kitchen and I have no desire to make any upgrades.


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    I keep my beer in the kitchen


    • LeonardScaper
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      Lee Knight wrote:
      I keep my beer in the kitchen

      I keep my beer in the studio.

      I write my songs in the shower.

      I get inspired....in the ktchen.


      Excellent thread.

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    I've jammed in a lot of kitchens over the years. The semi-gloss paint often in them makes for a nice, lively sound. Most of the places I've lived had small kitchens; too small for a table in all but two cases or so. But I often have ended up playing and writing at various dining room tables (except one shoe box apartment where there was no room for a table anywhere (maybe a folding table you could open when the hide-a-bed was closed).

    One of my 3DW pals taught for a few years in Madagascar. He got to know the local musicians and let them know they could come over to his place and hang out and jam after they got off their hotel gigs. He recorded a lot of the jams on a little DAT recorder he took with him and I heard a fair bit of it -- it was really, really amazing stuff.  (Sadly, someone broke into the little house he then had in Santa Monica and stole the recorder and all the tapes. A huge loss, particularly since if they even figured out how it worked, they probably recorded heavy metal or rap over it.)

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    The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.


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      Cohen... lol... box of kitchen matches sitting like a bomb next to the open burner... 


      I think the shot of Keith and Mick must have provided some sort of preter-conscious model for a thousand nights when I was young. Change the faces and the bottles and...