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Name that cover tune!


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  • Name that cover tune!

    Lets see if this works. 

    I havent added vocals or even started mixing it yet. 

    Really just getting a feel of things, how do the drums sound?


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    Have no idea. Has an Eagles feel but no idea. The kick and snare sound like actual drums though.

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      Several songs pop into my head. Stuck in the middle - Stealers Wheel, comes to mind, also a variety of Credence songs seem to fit.

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        Kinda has a CCR feel to me. It all sounds good. I'm only hearing this from cheap computer speakers. The drums sound good! The only thing to me is that ALL the drums and cymbals seem to be recorded with background mics or mics in the next room?? Like maybe if the bass was just a tad louder or had more of a thump? Maybe the hats and crashes just a little higher as well? and I mean just a smidge, just enough to make them "pop" out a little more so that by the time the other tracks get added, the bass, snare, bass, snare beat still shines through. Just my two cents.... Over all is cool song and well played!