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  • F**k Aquarian

    Well, maybe not F uck Aquarian, but I'm pretty disappointed.

    Ordered some Super 2s for my kit a while back to record with Leaves Russell. Everything fit great, except for the snare. After tuning up it developed a wrinkle that I just couldn't tune out. I figured I got a dud, and would replace it later. 

    Now I'm finally back to playing my Tama snare, and I ordered a new head for it. This time a Performance 2. Threw it on just before practice and tuned it up. Same problem. I can't get a wrinkle out of it.


    I am the bummed out.

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    If you haven't already, you should verify the shell and hoop are in-round.

    Otherwise, F**k Aquarian.

    Never liked 'em myself.

    Originally Posted by 1001gear

    We're on a no name basis.


    • 1001gear
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      FAQuarian. I just wanted to add that.

      Incidentally they stormed Dirty Word Police 3.0 and disabled it although the write arounds aren't that bad.

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    I've mentioned this before, but a good drumming bud of mine, has an Aquarian endorsement deal, so during my endless search for the perfect head, I took advantage of his graciousness, and I was able to try everything they made that interested me, and I came to the conclusion...........................F*ck Aquarian. 


    I ended up back with Remo, and have never regretted it since.

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    — Paiste, Bosphorus and Sabian cymbals, depending on what I'm doin'.
    — Small collection of assorted snare drums to suit my mood.


    • Gremson
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      I know the drum is fine, I've used Remo and Evans for years without this kind of issue.

      The annoying thing is, the heads sound awesome. My toms sound great, and my kick has never sounded better.

      Looks like my snare will have to be the odd man out.

    • lossforgain
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      Funny, but my Aquarian experiences have been positive almost without exception. I did have a couple of snare heads where the coating came off far too quickly, but that was a fluke. 

      At the moment I prefer the Texture Coated heads on my wood snares, and have a Modern Vintage head on my copper 6.5x14. Great heads. I'm not a huge fan of the Response 2s or Force heads but it's been a long time since I tried them. The SuperKick I and Regulator small hole combo is definitely my favorite on many bass drums.