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    Direct drive/chain drive/belt drive - pedals need to swing just like sticks. Then you just apply impetus or brakes as needed. Axis types or anything similar though - Synth keyboards for instance, require you be able to power thru the initial resistance and then reset under your own power. Can be done obviously; you have reciprocating sets of muscles. Synth keys are of course no fight for good hands and as stated elsewhere, legzes can has ample strong to do metal. I think the major drawback there is no headroom for smooth articulation and transitions as you might encounter playing uh, music?  Hence the continuing popularity of standard action pedals.

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    for below 1600 BPM, or above?

    or in MPH, below  325 MPH, or above?


    for above 325 MPH the pedal of the Bentley Continental GT is real good.


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      I think exceeding 300 mph takes in excess of 3,000 hp. Not sure how many kilowatts but a ton I'm certain.

      1600 bpm is attainable but unnecessary since metal is slower than low C.