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  • Following your dreams and aspirations.....

    This is a post mainly for the younger guys and gals out there.  So many times throughoout your lives, you will have these choices brought upon you.  I will tell you from experience,  the choices get none easier the older you get.  Ive been very blessed to have played with many a fine musician in my years of playing the drums.  Ive been offered choices throughout my life....cant say I regret any of them, but always wonder, what if I went this direction or did this??  These thoughts have within the last few days been brought upon my mind again as a offer had been thrown upon my plate.  The chance to tour...although (slim) that  I would be chosen, but a chance none the less.  Suddenly I get these feelings....what if???   Being contacted by e-mail and knowing the person is legit makes me itch even more.....80-100 shows a year, bus, flights to distance gigs, im like...aw hell...."""AAAH""", makes me wanna scream........but being my age, and my roots planted where I am...kids, dog, wife, house, and basically my life revolving in this one spot ive worked hard for all of my life, I have it pretty good.  So thus this message to any of you younger players, singers, musicians.....evaluate and choose your options wisely,....you may think it is a hard decision when your 20 years old, but the truth is it only gets twice as hard of a decision when you turn say 40?   This message is meant to be informative, not negative.......just something ive come to learn over the past 25 years that may help you along the way.  So for now, Im living my playing life in a cover band on the weekends, and keeping track of the pro's I know that are living it............follow your dreams kids.....

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    Here here!

    Chase the dream while you're young and can do it! When life kicks in, which is a wonderful thing, you want to know you you had your fun.
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      I've always followed my dreams. I got good at what I was dreaming. Now the big time, that aint your call and prolly, you can't meet the price. Knowing that, make sure you're quality stuff and keep on truckin'.