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Timing on this song?


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  • Timing on this song?

    They're doing something clever ... but i can't get it. .png" alt=":smileymad:" title="Smiley Mad" />

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    i counted solid 4's throughout. (?)
    i miss you, mark
    r.i.p. rudy


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      Stay with the drum beat. That holds in 4/4 all the way I think. The phrasing revolves somewhat but 4 works as a key. once that becomes familiar you can pin down the other layers.

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        all I hear is 4/4 also.  Set  a click to the tempo at 4/4 and watch in amazement. 


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          So are the other instruments playing some sort of timing trick against the drums in four? It just sounds like something odd is happening...

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        Drum-wise there is nothing fancy going on - like everyone has said, the whole song is in 4/4 time.  There are upbeat accents that follow the guitar part.


        The "weird" thing you might be hearing is:  after the upbeat accents - the guitar part starts on the two of the beat (typically speaking it would normally start on beat one).  Makes it  sound like the beat is flipping around - but drumbeat does not flip at all.

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          One more thing. The guitar and vocals are on a triplet feel so those would organize into  [some multiple of three / 8 ] with the drum part on shifted 4/4.