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  • What I did this weekend - video

    This weekend was the 19th annual Jass festival in Fargo, ND.  I played Saturday night with the "faculty" combo led by the founder of the festival.

    We did a 12 tune set starting as a quartet (drums, bass, keys, sax) eventually adding the guitar for a few tunes and then ending with 4 tunes featuring the full horn section.  It was a really cool gig.


    Here's us doing Rudy's Way by soulive.  A little more on the jazzy side of funk...



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    it's the drum forum, so i'll post about the drums i suppose...

    it's a first generation DW Pacific kit (pre PDP, when pacific was actually a DW kit...)  The cymbals left to right in the video are:  1950s era zildjian 20" swish with 6 rivets, 20" zildjian crash of doom, 20" zildjian K pre aged dry light ride, 18" zildjian re-mix breakbeat ride, 70's era 13" zildjian K new beat hats.  My typical jazz gig setup.

    Also, that is my sweet blue van in the background. 


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      Holy cool band sir. You walk the walk.

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    Pretty good pocket you've provided there man! I dug that vid, thanks for sharing.


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