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What do you guys think of Crate amps?


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  • What do you guys think of Crate amps?

    I played through one at a guys house and it sounded like it had plenty of mids and had a clear sound. Are these amps reliable?
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    i think they are loud, and muddy. crates sound is very unclear to me. I liked me when i had it because it was about volume, not tone. of course i was 16.
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    I'm stacking two Strobostomps for better intonation.



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      Not bad, not great. They're not as good as a Peavey, but they're not as bad as Behringer. They're quite affordable, though, so I'd say they're a pretty good value. The ones that I've played through locally have been fine.

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        Here's mine:

        My first amp

        Crate B1, bought new in 1981. It was damn heavey for a 13 year old to carry a mile with a bass to a friend's to jam.

        I still use it almost daily as my living room practice amp. Sounds great.

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          The newer stuff, (last 5 or so years) Is pretty nice.

          I had a 220 watt head with the matching 410 and I really liked it. Just not enough power for a loud band. Nice tone though. The older stuff was crap.

          Looking for a set of Dimarzio model J's.

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            Their newer guitar amps are killer. The bass stuff..... meh.... not so much.
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              I had a Crate BX25 practice amp. It was awful.

              I do like Rowka's Crate, though

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                I have the Crate TX50 "Bass Bus" amp, it's been my main practice amp since I got it, sits in the living room right by my chair. The built in effects are pretty worthless, but it's not a bad little amp, and it can run on the internal batteries for a good long while. It is kind of heavy, though.
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                  ugh, i have a bx-25 amp and i hate it with a passion. i can't wait to sell it on monday. the volume knob is useless because the limter seems to always come on and the tone is terrible. maybe the bigger stiff is better, but mine is shyite.
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                    I dunno I tried out a 100W crate (Bt range?) whilst looking for a small combo for gigging and rehersals. Its had nice features on it but the Ashdown Electric Blue trounced it with tone. The crate sounded bass heavy and muddy with forced highs. On the plus side it had carry handels and castors which the ashdown badly needs, and its got a cool built in tuner. However tone over novelty features always! (yes wheels are a novelty)
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