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NBD: Lake Placid Blue Jazz Bass


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  • NBD: Lake Placid Blue Jazz Bass

    Here is my latest acquisition.

    Classic 64.3.2.jpg

    Classic 64.jpg

    I could tell you more


    I think it would be more fun to hear from you

    What exactly is this? And how much did it cost me? 

    No prizes and it's not being given away. Just a fun thang.



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    that's sweet.  i love the color.  needs block inlays on the neck, tho.  :smileystatic:

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      Happy New Bass Day. I'll bite and say $275 used.

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    I suppose I should be glad I only paid $161 in unit cost shipped + $34 in additions total for this Squire instead of spending $2,199 on the real Fender and coming on here seeing 'betcha paid $295 with the covers'. Boy I would've been crushed.  You folks know the differences. I can't deny that