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Sound Quality

I'm using the Q20 as a digital FX unit with the Cubase VST mixer on a PC. I communicate with the Q20 via a Gina (SP/DIF) interface. It's a very flexible unit, it can be used as a regular analog FX unit with an outboard mixer, or as an Analog to Digital frontend to a DAW. (Balanced analog IO is a welcome improvement) It's MUCH quieter than my old Quadraverb+. The reverbs and pitch FX on the old unit used to be very noisy - the Q20 sounds so much cleaner. I haven't owned to for long enough to tell if the algorithms are much improved - but SNR definitely is!! However I find the pitch shifter to be rather weak. It's useful vocally for scaring kids at Halloween, but musically I'm not so sure. The overdrive doesn't sound that hot either... Other have complained about the EQ section, but I find it adequate for my needs. I record a lot of synth/sampler and so it's easier to tweak the sounds using built in filters, rather than external EQ. In summary, the reverbs, delays and pitch effects are great for my needs.


Don't know - haven't had it long enough. [But Alesis have dropped the "wall wart" in favour of direct power].

General Comments

I play/record a lot of electronic music using a DAW. So the Q20 is a useful toold for me. I like the ADAT, Sp-DiF, and balanced analog i/o - being able to couple the device digitally is a real plus.


I would buy it again if I lost it.

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