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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal originally in a pinch. My ART SGX Nightbass crapped out on me and I needed an overdrive. I went to a local boutique guitar shop and tried every overdrive/distortion pedal they had in stock, and walked out with my TS9. Over the years I found the sound to be a bit dead and decided to try the 808 mod (I also modded a TS9DX at the same time). It sounds much better, less muddy, much crunchier then with the original op-amp and resistors. Guitarwise, you can get a tranparent crunch without altering your tone, or run it drive up and have a JTM45 type crunch. I haven't a/b'd it with a vintage 808, but without having the extra $400, I'd say this pedal will get the job done. I did try it against a Boss SD-1, and the TS9 has a bit less fuzzyness, and is MUCH quieter. For bass applications, it sounds good, but the TS9DX with the same mod works much better.


My TS9 was bought new in 96, so it was actually built by Maxon. It cost $120 at the time, but Maxon made the reissue 9 series better then Ibanez is doing it today. I've had no problems with it at all. Not even the switch has caused me any problems.

General Comments

Great pedal out of the box, made much better. There seems to be alot of misconseption that the TS9 reissue with the TA75558 does not have the original chip. Some of the early originals had 4558D's, but later did have TA75558. The JRC 4558D is the better chip for this application though. Mine is a new JRC 4558D and sounds great and you can find them for $.30 a piece. The TI 4558P's are still available, and are made the same way they were in the 80's (these are the chips Keeley uses), i plan to try them next. The TS808 reissue has the same board as a TS9, same resistors and a new JRC 4558D, and doesn't quite hold a candle to the TS9 mod; thus the more cost efficient route is to by a TS9 and find someone who can mod it for you. Another consideration is the Maxon OD9; TS9 mod with true bypass (on newer models).

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