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Sound Quality

Thought i would post about the Q-tuner pickup and some of my ideas about the guitars sound. I was really interested when I first heard about these pickups and the company, having it now in the guitar I am totally blown away by it. Seems to me that the overall concept is about clarity, detail, balance and range, but in practice I think it does whatever you want it to, just better. It can give a clear and detailed represention of the guitars natural personality, it can have a real ‘acoustic’ quality clean, and it will also respond to eq, drive and effects while keeping separation and detail. Push it and it will really scream too, with loud harmonics and controllable feedback.


No comment.


They are not cheap but they are handcrafted and they are arguably the most difficult pickups to make.

General Comments

Rather than having a bunch of pickups and tone controls, interfering

with the simplicity of the guitars structure and the signal path, my

idea is to provide an output that gives the full range of frequencies,

plus loads of the resonance, overtones and natural sustain that comes

form the woods and construction of the guitar. The Q-tuner pickup,

combined with the high level of shielding, makes the guitar

exceptionally noise free.

Reviewer's Background

I am a luthier and have been building guitars for quite some time.

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