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Sound Quality

I'm surprised there's no other trio plus review on here yet for a 3 year old unit.I've had mine 12mths.This unit has built in guitar effects for each of the 12 music genres with two intensities each.Nothing great,but good enough to play around with. The only limitation is that you're stuck in that genre for that effect,eg.you can't use the scooped metal distortion if you change the genre to rock or blues etc. And vice versa you can't use that reverb clean tone within the metal genre or blues etc etc.It does have an effects loop to use your own effect pedals or just go straight in-line,works great,but sometimes you just want a quick jam with this unit and a guitar, you don't want to connect extra stuff and extra cables etc. Another probably more useless feature is that each genres Drumkit sound is different to eachother, it would've been better to have a user select their drumkit, so at least they could've used all the genres styles they chose, in one song, without the huge different timbre in each genres kit,totally unusable,If you tried that live, I'd be the first to throw a bottle at you.This unit has 12 music genres and 12 styles for each of them.And each style has 2 intensities. So there's a bit for everyone. Also you can save a song in a sequencer type mode, repeating any of the 5 parts you've recorded, as often as you like. Also has a stereo headphone out,nice to not annoy your neighbours too much.I connect mine to a combo amps return socket,works fine,you can also connect in a few different ways, like to a mixer as well..works fine.


The rotory pots seem flimsy and weak.Mine jumps a few sections at a time and it's frustrating trying to select your style or genre.just a nuisiance. Few complaints on the net about that. Only 12mths warranty. Come on Digitech... If it's a Re occurring and known issue, step up your game...Sort it out...dont hide behind your warranty limitations.Other than that.. the switches are ok and a solid enough steel case.


Not a cheap toy when new,but from what it can do,even with it's huge limitations, there's nothing in the market that does what this pedal does,For a bedroom rocker, its something we probably dreamt about in the 80s,Escaping reality for an hour with headphones on, you can't beat it,and there's plenty second hand nowdays as well.

General Comments

This pedal also has a looper which synchronises with the drums and bass.It's easy to get used to creating your own jam tracks,if you can't get it right, you obviously have timing issues and need to get your chops up for a few more years before you embarrass yourself with real band members anyways. it also has a tempo dial,to slow down the drums or loop.I have to mention,you can only add a guitar to the drum loop,you can't add drums to a guitar loop.It has 3 different bass styles to choose from. All 3 bass styles are useless for complicated riffs,but for a folk,blues or pop jam, it's ok.Being a metalhead, my unit stays on metal genre,it's really a one trick pony there, but good enough to jam and perfect your chops with a bit more variety in drum fills than a standard drum machine you'd have to program a loop onto.It saves everything you do on it to an included 8gb micro sd card. You can buy a few and swop as you please or you can save your work via USB with the trio editor.You can't edit the actual sound or patterns,just rearrange the order of songs etc. Look...as i said, there's nothing on the market that does this in a compact pedal,go try one out, I'm sure you'll enjoy what it does.Besides the fact that Samsung has bought out Digitech and whether any new firmware updates ever become available, I'd definitely buy another, It's a solo man's dream machine....whether you're a bedroom rocker or an open jam nights folk muso crooner,if this machine doesn't improve your chops in the long run.....,maybe try golf instead. 

Reviewer's Background

Ageing metalhead, relocated to bedroom noise making...

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