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Sound Quality

Balanced, bright but not strident, great bass. Somewhere between Martin & Taylor


Solid, no problems. Grover gold tuners have gone off a bit with patina and/or corrosion, but I live near beach in Thailand which is murder on most things of metal. Should be fine in more common climates.


When I got this at GC, I'd already paid for a Martin jumbo, then thought might be good to try electronics, which turned out to be defective. Salesman showing Breedlove to someone else, went over, couple strums etc & said "I'll take it. Sounds better". Saved a thousand bucks too.

General Comments

Mine came with Breedlove hs case. 6 latches! click on shoulder strap! Great real leather handle! Heavy! As good a case as I've ever ran across. Nice red accent stitches too. Guitar is lovely, nice MOP around soundhole, purfling. Not too much, not too little. Others have described it well enough, thought I should add this about what didn't cover.

Reviewer's Background

Been playing longer than my skill level shows... 30+ years.

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