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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

JMP-1 preamp is Solid State! I removed the overdrive tube and made i bypass between pin 1 and 8, and all of the distortion was there! I dont even bother to remove the diodes! still is a nice sounding preamp, special after the mods i made: 1-bypassed C84 with a 22K resistor - adds some low end before distortion - rounder and cryspyer distortion 2-removed C78 - reduces the high frequencies cut off - more brightness 3-removed C107 and swaped C106 with a 10nf - wides thepresence control frequencies - less nasal soundind, more opened sound! it is very easy to mod this pre!!! the schematic is available out there!


General Comments

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