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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I'm using a fender 70's strat(soon to have lace sensors),a power house strat,and a gibson les paul special with p90s.if you have the new big muff and you think it sux plug it into the input of the jmp-1.i use the jmp-1 for the smashing pumpkins mellon collie tone. the only way to get the preamp to distort that much is to crank the amp.it sucks if it's on low. if anyone was wondering Billy Corgan uses this preamp like this.. jmp-1 > 2 mesa boogie strategy 500 power amps(ouch) > speaker cab.


never had any trouble.

General Comments

i'm 16 and have been playing 4 1/2 years. my marshall died (needs tubes) so i'm running the preamp through a fender princeton amp :(

it really gives the fender amp a good sound though.it's well worth 400 bucks on ebay :)

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