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Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

I am running the GCX in the FX loop of my Mesa Tremoverb head. Works great. I have about 8 Boss and other various pedals hooked up to it and everything is mounted in my rack. I used George L cables, because I can cut my own lengths. Made worlds of difference in my overall tone, because the GCX is all passive and it bypasses any pedal when not in use. I have my controller setup stompbox style, but you can set it up a varity of ways. It can switch on and off multipule loops at once as well as switch channels on your head. Its all personnal preferrence. I have a guitar tech who does all my switching on stage, so stompbox style worked best for us. If you do your own switching - the one button changes everything would be the better way to go.


The GCX itself has never broken down. Its all passive so that helps. Although the connections in my George L cables have gone bad from time to time.

General Comments

Been playing for over 10 years. Have used alot of different setups and this is one of the best solutions for using multiple pedals or FX units. Why spend $1000 on a Bradshaw when you can get the GCX for just $400.

Used by tons of pros and studios. I would buy it again for sure.

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