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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I play a Les Paul Special with P-90s,and two Telecasters ,with various parts, and PUP's (Duncans,all single coils) Dunlop Crybaby,MXR Dyna Comp,DigiTech Bad Monkey threw JMC 800 50 watt combo.This pedal is great,for my Marshall. I had Fender Blues Jr, but Distortion boxes sounded to high and "tinny" threw that amp (sold it) but the Marshall is really my tone of choice for 5 years, I had a fender bandmaster head and cab before that. This effect is great for a tube amp; it gives the right amount of gain, or boost to my single with out changing my tone. I was using the Dyna Comp before to boost my single, but I got the unit second hand 6 years ago so its starting to cut out ,and it hums. Now the Bad Monkey does not hiss, or buzz, there is of course the boost in volume level, but that's what I was looking for. You can boost the level to get it to push the amps gain, or boost the gain knob to make a more distorted tone. The best part of the effect is the High, and Low option, I can get a great tone with the high at 6 o’clock, a heavy warm tone, and together at 3o'clock an overdrive sound. I have had the box for a week and tried most of the knob positions, and haven't found a bad one yet.


The housing is very heavy,built hevier than both Boss ,and MXR pedals. Easy pop pin setup to get battry in ,better than Boss again on that one.I would gig with out a back ,I don't see any way I could break this baby.

General Comments

This pedal is not for everyone,(Metal nu or old)it's not a heavy sounding tone changer,which is what I have found most OD/Distrotion pedals do. I have had MXR Dis Plus, Boss BD-2 ,they were great ,but they sounded to close to my Marshalls Muddy gains, so they ruined the tone. I have also had a Boss Overdrive, and Distortion, DOD FX56, and an MXR Blue Box. lot of these OD/Distortion Units colored and changed the signal to much for my taste's ,and the sustain would decay to hiss and microphoinc feed back ( In the case of the Blue Box ,cool Fuzz and Octava,but Zero sustain even with Dyna Comp)I was going to purchases an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9,but saw the review on the Bad Monkey, and at about $57 cheaper ,why not give it a try. Its anolog,it wont suck the life out batteries ,and it was designed to work with a tube amp, I like allot of the other reviews by tube amp owners agree on this. I have been playing guitar since 83 (Acoustic & Bass) I have played out ,and been in bands cover and original playing bass from 93 to 97,from 98 to 99 went to sound & recording school, so I have heard allot boxes, and when I started to build my electric guitar rig, It has taken many guitars to settle on telecaster's as my guitar of choice ,and Marshall as my amp of choice. I hope that this box will stand the test of time and use.

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