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  1. The orchestration seems really simple, a linn drum or a oberheim DMX (since the latter was released in 1981 and the album on the same year while Linn was released in 1982 onwards) like drum loop, a pad sound probably from the rs and a lead - like sound along with vocals bathed in reverb and some piano lines here and there along with a really simple 1/8 bassline. Nice mood oldie but goldie soundscape. The lead sound sounds like nothing special just simple blend of saw/triangle osc sound so if they used a synth and not a preset i guess not even them remember what the settings where. Happened a lot in the 80s not to save their work - sound design is a serious production work - and the sounds are only stored in the recordings.
  2. All depends on you budget. I would go for yamaha piaggero series they definitely worth a listen.
  3. Hi all As i describe on the title i get a constant noise/hum and no sound on the synth at all while patch names are there. Any ideas ?
  4. Is it really worth keeping it ? i own one mint with a couple of scsi cd rom drives and all original library. I think samplers nowdays dont worth that much so either you use it or keep in in the closet, does anybody has it in use so he can tell ?
  5. Yamaha Piaggero series. Cheap and they sound more than enough.
  6. Thanks a lot i will try that as well got that synth (still the package is in the post office) with only 80 euros so i will definitely try to fix it and keep it, its an amazing value for money and a dream of my childhood synth where i used to play with it in ths official sales representative showroom back in the early 90s.
  7. Used to own both many times along with the beast DX 5 which i sold as an idiot, Mk1 has a more "old school" sound due to its 12-bit converters compared to 16-bit ones of Mk1 models (DX7II, FD, S). So it depends on what you want from a DX 7 to sound like. A then "modern" and more advanced in specs synth, nowdays is not always what you want. I prefer Mk1 definitely, for that early 80s sound. Most of the well known hits of the era used a Mk1 if that ads something to the discussion.
  8. The question is simple. Which one do you prefer and why. I tend to like more of the M1, just sounds more 80s and atmospheric. Also many hits where made with this. The 01 w although much more advanced seems it does not have the same apeal music wise.
  9. A D50 is a keeper definitely but this can be caused by a number of reasons, bad caps, Mother board issues even PSU i guess. Good luck on this one !
  10. Hi All After a long time i get back to my favourite music forum with a question, i was offered to buy a Korg 01 that although looks mint has a major issue, while it powers on the LCd lights and remains blank. Is this a motherboard issue ? any ideas would be nice.
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