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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I recommend using a EQ with the jmp-1 Very good distortion. At first I didn't find the sound to be strong and dark enough for Rythem. I then ran it into a two channel eq. Cut the mids a bit and boost the lows. Great Rythem sound!! Great for Heavy Metal. I have this unit running through the eq and JFX-1 Marshall processor through the effects loop. I use a JCM 900 1960 Lead Cab powered by the 9200 Marshall power amp. The setup has very little noise. OD1 is great for blues sounds OD2 is great for Heavy Metal and most rock sounds. Between the Pre amp, processor, and EQ I can get just about any sound I want. The back of this unit has a speaker emmulator output wich is GREAT for recording. Run these outputs directly to your recording device and it sounds great. Ok here is the Drawback..... Clean tone. Marshall was never really known for their clean sounds. The clean sounds on this unit seem to be a little punchy and gritty. With help from the eq and processor you can doctor it up to get a good clean sound.


I have been using this unit for 4 years now withought any problems. I changed the Valves once but the origional ones still seemed to be fine. I have used it in gigs witought a backup. Mainly cause I can't afford a second preamp however I never worried about having any problems with it.

General Comments

I play Rock/Heavy Metal. Also a bit of Progressive.

If I somehow lost this unit I would buy another one withought a doubt.


FEATURES: I would reccomend this pre amp to anyone. It has lots of features such as MIDI In, Through, and out. 2 distortions and 2 clean channeles. Bass, Mid, Treb, and presents control. Also a Bass shift feature wich makes the sound real strong sounding and more stero sounding. Stero effects loop is great wich you can mix the loop with the origional sound. Each output has a +4 or -20Db option wich is great for different setups. At home I leave it set to -20Db but when playing with a band hit that button and get a hell of a boost.


Would have given a 10 rating if the clean sound was a bit better.

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