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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I play mostly single coils. Stratocaster, Telecaster, Guild Blues P-90 through either a 50 watt Marshall JCM 900 with Mullard EL-34's and 2X12 cab or a restored 1965 Epiphone Pacemaker amp. I'm an old guy who has been playing forever and I use the Epiphone amp the most because of its light weight. The amp has a Weber Alnico speaker and EL-84 type power tubes rated ar 12 watts max. The only problem with the amp is that it only has a volume control and no tone control. I also use a Weber Mini Mass attenuator on lower volume gigs. Everyone comments on 'for the money'. I don't care what it costs so long as it is reasonable. This pedal has EQ cut and boost rather than a tone control. Gives me all the tone I want from punch to screaming treble or any combination of both. I have used an 808 tubescreamer since the 80's and it finally went out on me after many years of use. I refuse to pay the price for an old 808 and the new reissues are overpriced for what they are. This pedal is so close to the 808 sound that I can't tell the difference. It is close enough to perfect to me. I play everything but hiphop and metal but I do play a few songs in those genres. I am now playing in a modern country band. We also play classic rock and pop. My Epi amp will break up a little when cranked and with the attenuator it gets beautiful harmonics only problem is that the attenuator cuts the volume in half at any setting. This pedal boosts the front end of the amp and tone giving me more perceved volume. As for overdrive it sounds like an 808 tubescreamer. This will probably be my only and last distortion unit. Through my Marshall it enhances the great Marshall sound. I don't like complex, botique, fancy pedals with too many knobs on them. I got to give it a 10.


It will probably outlast me.

General Comments

Not much more to say.

If you like tubescreamers and you want bass and treble cut/boost you can't go wrong with this one.

It is almost as ugly as an 808.

I fon't use many effects and only when necessary but tis one is always on.

Boost the treble and it gets super country twang.

Boost the bass and get punchy.

If you ar old school and like good control and a good sound you can't beat this one.

Find your setting and leave it alone.



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