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Sound Quality

I baught this one back from my dealer, because I missed it so much! I've tried the Marshall JH-1 and the Carl Martin Hot Drive'n Boost Mark 2 pedals. Not bad, but it couldn't replace my H&K. I play a Fender Standard Strat and a Fernandes Tele with Fender CS Texas Specials. The Tubeman leaves the my Fender De Ville tone unharmed in the clean channel. The other two are perfect to ad some british or californian sounds to it. There is some noice on channel three, but once you hit the strings, who cares? So, liking this thing very much, I'm currently checking out H&K's new puretone tube amp. The recording output has Red Box technology, so there's at least one good reason to buy this preamp.


There's a little problem. I've had the channel switches repaired twice. Once I pressed channel 3, it didn't return to another channel when you pressed switch 1 or 2. That's a big problem on stage, I can tell you. This big high gain sound, when you expect a little channel 2 crunch!

General Comments

I would buy a Tubeman 2 again. It's versatile, has great sounds, a red box output...what else do you want from an preamp? I keep my Carl Martin as a backup.

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