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  1. not an expert but could be some bad caps inside also the screen whine on the old style displays can occasionally affect the audio path (so I've heard) my used D-50 needed a new daughter board almost immediately when I got it the shop said someone allowed melted ice cream (the damn owner's kids) to get in and sit on one of the boards for a long time, eventually eating it away (there are a lot of daughter boards inside - pretty amazing design, why it's so heavy for its size) - it always said it was a battery error but it was much worse anyway, since the synth was so cheap, the expensive daughter board fix still made the total cost cheaper than most D-50s around back then days :-) probably worse now
  2. I recently missed out on a good deal for a DX7-II with cartridge - GC had it on the used site but it was already sold :-( I guess it's back to my Volca FM for now (same patches)
  3. yep, the folding lights were only for my tops of the 3 tier stands - I attached some puck lights (3 for $7 at Fry's) similar to yours under all my 2nd and 3rd tiers - work great and eventually I may need to mod them or just use NiMHs for everything
  4. nice memories, the K1 II was my first actual synth (also a controller for the E-max II rack), then the Casio VZ-10m, and the Roland Alpha Juno I had a huge card bank library I used to manage (6-7 banks with only two PC cards) with Opcode EZ Vision on a Mac (sysex data showed up as "sheep" icons in the piano roll) then I finally got MOTU Unisyn - a proper synth editor/librarian
  5. finally replying to an old post - I found some great LED battery/AC folding arm lights with 3 brightness settings on Amazon for about $7 each (only $120 bucks for the lot) they can be "velcro-ed" to the back panel of any synth very easily and they put out enough light for most synth panels (not a JD-800, it would need 2 of them) :-) the 3 AAs last a long time and I have no wires all over, getting in the way (I can use NiMHs if I get too crazy with the battery usage) I can put gels on them if needed as well to make things more interesting
  6. thanks dave, over a year later I finally remembered to looks for responses :-)
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