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Boss SUPER OverDrive SD-1 Pedal

Sound Quality

I have a vintage ts 808, and a vintage 909, and my SD-1 is Japanese from the 80's. The difference with this pedal is that it has more hair, It is more aggro and less mellow than the Tube Screamers. Harmonics come from nowhere, (Zack W. used this pedal right?) and it bites more. Yeah it's mid rangey, and sucks a little low end, yes this is true, but that is the character of this unit. (maybe you shouldn't use it on a song that needs a lot of bass from your guitar, it does have an off switch.). Think of it like it's silicon and a TS is germanium. I give it a 10 for being an original in clone category.


20+ years and never a problem


General Comments

LA Session Guitarist, playing for 35 years, lots of guitars, old amps, new amps, mainly analog effects.

I love the harmonics man.

Like a TS 909-not as smooth, which can be a good thing sometimes.

Works great at gigs.

Reviewer's Background

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