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Sound Quality

Through the effects, the sound is great. The bypass feature sucks, it might just as well not be there. Don't think you can just hit bypass for a clean sound. Your so far past neutural it's unusable. And I had considerable difficulty getting a true clean sound without noise in the signal. I used it with the X-15 pedalboard and a Peavey classic 60/60 tube Amp which could produce outstanding tone and volume on stun!


One time at an extremly hot outdoor gig, it just stopped producing sound. On a hunch I found a fan and set it up to cool the whole unit. After 5 minutes I was back in business. Other than than never a problem.

General Comments

Overall it is a very powerful unit with a huge amount of sounds and choices. And a really good sounding unit in most settings. But it works best if you have a set patch for a song and leave it there, or as a pure studio unit.

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