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Sound Quality

I've gotten some great results with this using a guitar tuned to an open C through a Fender hot Rod Deluxe. I put it behind a ZVEX Fuzz Factory which is an AWESOME pedal, but it (like many distortion pedals) cuts the low end from your guitar, and... holy ******** ****, man!! It sounds like what I would imagine a frigging T-Rex growl sounds like. I worry about my amp a bit with the depths this thing produces, but it is an amazing, earth-rattling, phlegm-loosening thing of pure beauty.


Well... I got this free so I can't complain, but the switch is totally bunk. I just leave it "on" and unplug it when I'm not using it, because it takes me stomping the living **** out of it to switch from on to off. DEFINITELY for recording and not gigging.

General Comments

I play experimental Indie Rock (with this pedal anyway) a la Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement, but I imagine it would be great for blues and metal too. I've been playing and recording for about two decades now. I own a lot of second-hand, bootleg, ******* up instruments (too many to name) and a couple fancy-ish ones too.


I will probably replace this if (when) it dies, but I wouldn't pay more than like... 30 bucks or so. Well, it does sound pretty badass... maybe I'd go as high as 40.





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