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Sound Quality

The sound is actually quite good for studio use. I don't run it through an amp. I go right into one of my tube preamps (a Presonus), into a dbx compressor and then into my DIGI 001. The pickups sound decent (there is a little hiss when turned up really loud). I'm thinking about replacing them eventually. It's got a pretty full-bodied sound considering that the body is small and is not made of a more expensive wood. I've never played it out, it is strictly a studio instrument for me, so it may behave completely differently in live situations.


I'm not sure how well this would last if used as a live instrument. I keep it on a stand in my studio, so it's not getting knocked around everyday. The construction is good, but I could see parts such as the tuners and bridge going out if it was abused.


General Comments

There's a couple of ways you could go with this instrument. I think it is great in the studio (as long as you have decent outboard gear) and will maintain and have a long useful life. I could also see it being used as a backup on live gigs. As for the whole, let me buy a cheap instrument so I can rip it apart and replace most of the parts, I don't think it lends itself well to this. Sure you can replace the pickups, tuners, bridge, etc. and it will improve those parts. But, you might as well spend your money on a better instrument, made with better quality woods. Even a mexican made Fender would do the trick. For the most part, the MB-4 is what it is, an inexpensive bass with good features for the money. Let it be that.

Reviewer's Background

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