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    Nord Electro 3

    It could so easily have been a 10, but I have to reduce it due to a few very poor design choices for the controls. A shame, since that's one of the things that really shines on the NE2. Hoping for an Electro 3B or 4 to come out soon. Otherwise, this keyboard is not for me, unfortunately. (While they're at it, perhaps they could choose a sane keyboard range, starting at low E rather than F!) Regardless of its serious control design deficiencies, it's an incredible keyboard; small, light, versatile, expressive, and fun to play. Makes a great single keyboard for small gigs, band practice, and jams with friends; or an excellent 2nd tier for a full rig.
  2. It's great for what it is: a small unit that can serve (with some compromises) as a sole keyboard, and works even better as a 2nd tier with piano below. Excellent keyboard for a quick jam with friends or for band practice sessions (but not for personal piano practice). These have held their value remarkably well on resale market over the years, and I predict that they will continue to for years to come. I play blues, soul, and rock. I'm a serious amateur with over 30 years experience, gigging and studio. I used to lug around a CP-70, Rhodes, and synth-du-jour (or two). I currently use NI-B4 but will be replacing it with the NE2, for convenience.
  3. JeffLearman

    Ensoniq MR-76

    These are available on ebay for under $600, and are an excellent value for that price. Truly excellent! However, the ZR-76 is a better choice for the reasons mentioned above, even though it's a couple hundred more. As late as 2001 or so, I'd give this synth a 10. Time marches on, though.
  4. When I bought it, there was a waiting line of months, even at the list price of over $4000 (which I didn't have). At $2500, this is the best money I ever spent on a musical instrument, with the possible exception of the first guitar I ever bought at $60. Playing a real grand piano action had a major influence on my style and ability. Today, however, electronic pianos and synths have pretty damn good piano sounds and even reasonable actions, in addition to having alternate sounds. But a good piano sound and a good weighted keyboard are still pretty expensive, and CP70's can be found at under $1000. If you don't have to move it often (or if you have a good road crew) and if you don't need other sounds, it's a great option. It sounds really great for rock classics like Paul McCartney style playing, or the end to Layla, or Allman brothers tunes (my age is showing!) It's also a killer piano for many styles of blues.
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