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Sound Quality

Sound quality is really important to me.So far it has impressed me and exceeded my expectations. I'm using a Fender Strat with DiMarzio pickups(PAF Pro Humbucker on bridge/HS-2 using it's top coil on its' neck position), and a Peavey Classic 30 Tube Amp.This unit excels well on its' distortions and cabinet simulations.From tube Overdrive up to Marshall stack distortion,you can hear those vintage sounds.Although this unit is not ideal for metal music because its' volume range and metal distortion types.Cabinet simulator is one of a kind and quite fine in studio.Actually Toneworks really captured vintage and classic tones on this unit.


NO!!! I WON'T USE IT IN A LIVE GIG EVER AGAIN!!!!! I used it in a gig 2 weeks ago and WHAT THE HELL!?!&^%?! My sound SUCKS A LOT!!!! Geez this unit with a Marshall JCM Tube Amp REALLY SUCKS!!! Better not elaborate on that very embarrasin experience of a strugglin musician. My comment is you really need to test the unit first because it might not be compatible to the amp and amp settings you might select.Reliabity is missing on this decieving unit so never use it live.I would still prefer using my SansAmp and Tube screamer along with any amp because it's much safer.It really depends on the user because I'm not the guitarist type who uses lots of chorus and delay and with to reverbation.One preamp and a driver is alright with me and I try to calibrate the reverb settings on the amp.

General Comments

I've been open to music since my childhood days and I think Metal is the missing link here.I'm really lookin for those crunchy metal distortions with high highs and with sufficient lows and mids.This unit is good for practice and not for live gig.It's fine enough unit because its' other features like phrase trainer,record and play, cabinet simulations,pitch bend and pitch shift.Overall vintage sound almost.If ever I lost this one I'm not gonna buy another again, I might settle for analog types of effects.

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