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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I use it for blues harmonica playing,the sound is soo beautifull, very dynamic, clean and when you wanne scream it, it will scream, also it let you hear what u do, just pure beautifull sound! For now and I did hear many amps,this is my best amp!! Think also this i a great amp for gitar, beautiful clear tone and warm also, also this amp has a compression swith and 12 tubes in it


Just bought it 2 weeks ago

General Comments

I playing now for 3 Years harmonica and have listen to alot of ams, but this one looks great, sounds great and hope I never lose it or something else.

There are build about 550 pieces and the model i have about 70, how many will the be now,think you can count it on one hand!


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