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Sound Quality

Really great distortion sounds. Plenty of presets to use. I've tested with a Marshall and direct. Most of the patches are quiet.


I got it used in pristene shape. Should last a long time if taken care of. In a metal housing, but I still put it in an effects case.

General Comments

As you read the reviews there's some negative comments. I do agree that it's quite hard to scroll down with both switches - almost impossible. The unit has no bypass which would of been nice. The Wah-wah is a Vox clone and works fine - just get used to the pedal - it's not going to be as good as a stand alone Wah which you can use before the board. I didn't notice any delay when turning the pedals on/off.

The positives: you can get a used unit in good condition very cheap now, very well built, plenty of effects with editing, you can use the board in "individual" mode - like a standard pedal board with distortion, modulation, delay, and pedal.(Bypass here would be with no pedals on.) For recording, you got cabinet simulators and all the effects and line out. Headphone out. And, you got some killer presets!!!

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