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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

The sound quality really amazed me. It can copy or come close to any tone I want. Keep in mind I'm playing with a professionally set up Epi Les Paul Standard with stock pickups, so I can't comment on sound with a strat or tele. Maybe a little lacking in versatility for metal tones (the one it has is great though), but a few pedals could make up for that. I'm sorry for anyone here that is not enjoying this amp, because its beauty to play with. I haven't played it in a live situation yet, but when I do I'll update with how it performed. I expect it to be good though. As of now I've only played it in an upstairs room of my house. It did however make some of the ceiling tile from the room below it fall off though, so I think it's quite loud enough.


All the parts seem sturdy enough. Haven't had any issues as of yet. Obviously, if you beat it with a stick, its not going to like that. Neither will any amp no matter what it is.

General Comments

I've been playing going on 2 years, this is my first serious amp but i've played extremely nice amps before and this one can go up against any of them in my opinion.

I love that i'm not limited to one sound all the time. And when I do change my sound, I know its not going to sound junky. Vox has made a real winner. I would most likely buy a new one if this one ever gave out.

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