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Sound Quality

I think it's crap. It has a hiss or whoosh sound that gets louder when you play. At first I liked the pedal till I noticed that very annoying sound. Strange because their Metal Core pedal doesn't add any sound even when I crank the tone knobs. Other than that it's not a parabolic equalizer so it's not all that great to begin with. Any adjustments on a parametric brings up a pretty wide frequency area, not nearly as nice as a parabolic's exact frequency sharpness. But, I don't think anyone makes a parabolic pedal for some reason. Must admit I'm a beginner and this is all new to me.


I bet it would last forever

General Comments

I have a Peavey Classic 30 and a Gibson Mahogany with Burstbucker Pros that I like very much. I bought the GE-7 to add a ton of bass because that's the sound I like. The BB Pros really keep it from sounding muddy. It makes a really nice deep tone with the amp's bass at 100% and just the 100hz of the GE-7 at 100%. But I'll have to do without the GE-7 because that loud whoosh is just too annoying.

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