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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

i use this with a epiphone les paul classic a marshall mg amp and a dunlop wah-wah, and even tho the lp is not really a metal guitar i can get a real thick distorted sound out of the classic's pickups with this pedal. Good for most metal sounds it can go from a high gain overdrive to insane thrash and heavy metal distortion. my fav setting is bass-3 oclock treble-2 oclock mid- 11 0clock middle freq- 1 oclock and gain 3 oclock this is a good general metal setting good for lead and rhythm. only problem is feedback after incresing gain more that 4 oclock


its boss no more needed 2 be said. my old boss pedal i had for 1yr with no probs before getting the mt2 and no probs so far

General Comments

great for metal and hard rock i luv this pedal especialy as my small marshall canot give my that really heavy distorted sound. well worth the money. i prefer this to every other boss distortion i hav used best feture is the eq. really helps sound like my fav artist especially metallica without havin to spend lots of money on guitars with emg pickups and big amps.works well with my epiphone les paul classic marshall mg15dfx and dunlop crybaby

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