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Sound Quality

My setup is Fender Strat_Plus or Washburn Signature series with EMG and X2N (Dimarzio), -> Custom drive-distortion box (with true bypass)-> DOD Ice Box -> Boss DD-20 -> customized Marshall tube head -> 4 speaker cabinet. Sounds very good to my taste. If you use it with normal cords and good power supply (I made my custom, stabilized, with filters ) it is very quiet unit, ofcourse if you want, you can hear very, very.... small white noise (as gave all choruses I tasted... Boss, Marshall, Ibanez...). It is better than digital brothers.


I did not have any problems for 1 year I use. Any way I take good care about my gear. Never disappointed me.

General Comments

I use it when I play funky and blues styles, sometimes when I rock, in all cases I use it with clean or almost clean guitar. I love it because it gives what I want. I beleve there are beter choruses in the world but this one is the best what can I found in Lithuania.

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