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Sound Quality

I play guitar, mostly classic rock, jam band, and blues styles. This is my "go to' amp for recording. I recently used this amp for harmonica, in conjuction with a vintage Astatic microphone, it sounds great. I replaced the tubes with some nice 70's NOS tubes that weren't very expensive. Once I got those NOS tubes in, the amp was incredibly quiet, that why it's my #1 studio amp. I've had vintage Fender Champs before and I like the overall tone of this amp better. I picked up a footswithch for the vibrato and use the effect frequently, the range of speed works fine for me. Mine overdrives after you turn it past 6 or 7, wonderful overdriven sound, smooth.


Mine was a little screwed up when I got it. But, after I put in some new tubes, and a trip to the repair guy, everythings fine now. I generally don't gig with the amp, though I have have let my harmonica playing friend use it a couple of times in a live setting. With guitar I use it for practicing at home, and recording, it does seem to be a somewhat delicate amplifier. In the future I may relpace the tube sockets, which just have a thin wires helping to hold the tubes in place.

General Comments

I've been playing for over 25 years and am a huge fan of tube amps. I play a 1979 Ovation UKII, which has high output, passive pickups with coil switches. I use a variety of effects, Ibanez, DOD, MXR, and Electro Harmonix, all of them vintage. I've worked in several different music stores over the years, and I've tried alot of equipment. This is the one amp I intend to hold onto forever, I've had it since 2003, and can't imagine recording without it. If you want classic tube sound for guitar or harmonica, buy it if you can find one, you wont be dissapointed.

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