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Sound Quality

When at home,I use it with a Fender Twin amp.The problem is when I use it with another amp,I have to "re-tweak" some of the E.Q. settings.The distortions are quite nasty,as are most of the other effects.With it's stereo outs,the choruses,panners and flangers can tickle the hell out of you.The amp simulators is the reason why I bought it.They are pretty good,especially for studio work.I need to work with the phase shifters a little more,but they're not too shabby.The delays aren't analog,but huge,flexible,and spacey.Be careful with the reverbs,they're a little complex and can screw you up if you over-analyze them.I try to keep all the reverbs similar,like Twin verbs.Sound quality however is very good,but very digital.You got to tweak it right.Overall,I think it's a very good mechine,it gets lots of work.


It is dependable,but you must be careful when travelling.If knocked around,your sounds and settings can get lost or jumbled.

General Comments

Own other gear,but this is the only "muti-thing" I have.It's bypass mode is very cool.I can hook up another efects chain and bypass the RP-10 altogether.It also has a midi in,out/thru jacks.Wish the manual

was easier to understand.I want to know if different sounds can be assigned to pedals in a program?? And how??

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