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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play early Sabbath, Led Zep, Cream style blues/rock. I play at home through a VOX Pathfinder 15. The humbuckers do have a bit of noise, but I expected this when I purchased this guitar and always planned on changing them. However, the bridge pup is much nicer than I expected. The neck a bit muddy for my liking, but at this price very good. Played without an amp it has a punchy, almost tinny sound. I like it, but many may not. The switch is orange and feels rather cheap. Overall, I'm pretty impressed by this guitar. Like I said, I fully expected to replace many components on this guitar, but to be honest the stock it comes with at what I paid for this guitar is very good.


I think this guitar would play live fine. The hardware can not be counted on. I've had the guitar for a few hours and the low E has gone out of tune 3 times (only the E though). The switch seems/feels extremely cheap. It works so I may be wrong, but it doesn't build confidence. I have a satin finish, I can't wait for it to wear from me playing it for a decade! Depends on the gig, if you play in dive bars like I do, you don't need a back up. If your audience pays to see you play, then you have a responsibility to bring a backup regardless of your guitar.

General Comments

I've been playing for over a decade. I've had a Squire Strat, a Les Paul, a custum built jazz guitar, an Epiphone Dot and a Godin SDxt. Honestly, the Dot was crap and I was hesitant to buy another Epiphone, but this thing is well built.

I would for sure buy another at this price, why not?

I love that it's my first SG. I love the feel of this guitar, the neck moves and feels like it just goes on forever.

I compared to some guitars I couldn't afford.... honestly the difference between the Gibson at the store played without and amp was not much.

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