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Sound Quality

Awesome!!!! Let me just remind people one thing which is pretty obvious, great gear makes all the difference. When I first bought this pedal (was my first stomp box) I was using a crappy little Crate amp and a knockoff Strat and this pedal sound good. Now 7 years later I upgraded to a Gibson SG and a Peavey Classic 50 and let me tell you, THIS PEDAL JUST LIT UP!!!!! It's amazing how much range this pedal has and how classic it sounds. It especially goes great when I kick in a DS-1 before it for solos. I'm always rocking it on a sweet jet flanger setting. I've heard many people complain about how the pedal has a little bit of a volume boost but personally I like it. I want that flanger to stick out when I turn it on. I've tried many other flangers out before and they all have their own unique characteristics to them but this one just fits my style and looks great on my pedal board :)


Can I depend on it???? I seriously think Curt Schilling could throw this thing 95 MPH at a brick wall and it wouldn't break. Boss pedals are know for their dependability and all of mine have held up quite well to my abuse. I'm almost always play at least 3-4 gigs a month and I'm a big guy (250lbs, shut up!) and I've been jumping on them for years without any cracks or broken part. I would gig without a back up, I just don't think it'd need it. If it was lost or stolen I'd be all over a new one. 10 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

General Comments

Anyone looking for a classic flanger should check out this pedal. I play your general rock music (classic/hard rock), and this pedal fits in great. Sounds great all all sorts of guitars (single coil, humbuck, solid body, hollow, etc) and amps (tube and solid state). Even though it only has 4 knobs, once you get use to it the possibilities are endless. It is definatly worth checking out!!

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