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DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

Sound Quality

i really enjoy it's effect on my clean channel, but on distortion it is insanely noisy. when not playing you can hear the oscillation. that is quite annoying. of course, it might be my pedal's age that is causing this. I give it an 8 for the clean sounds it provides.


it has never failed me at practices, but i'm suspicious that it is adding some bass when it is not on, so i don't use it in band situations very much. the old style DOD plastic pedal looks a little iffy, but if it's lasted this long, i'm sure it'll be fine.

General Comments

like i said i bought my old style "icebox" at a pawnshop, so i doubt a new version would have some of the problems i've experienced.

I haven't used this much in the past year, but for just playing at home it's a very enjoyable sound. I play technical thrash/death metal with some classical interludes and such, but i also play bass and fingerstyle seven string with this effect. my pedal board/loop looks like this

send-> dunlop crybaby classic-> icebox-> danelectro eq-> Boss DD-6 digital delay-> return


overall for 40 canadian it's a really good value. i've been thinking about getting it modded to true bypass by an electronics proffessor i know.

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