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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

Sounds simply beautiful. It really is hard to believe that this is a digital synth. I guess there must be a lot of processing muscle under the bonnet. Although the spectrum of sounds is fairly limited in that the controls are almost identical to the original mini, the quality and depth of the sound you can make is superb. There is no aliasing and the fiter is lush and creamy. The character of the oscillators is powerful and assertive, not thin and weedy like other VAs I could mention. It really packs a punch.


I've had it for 6 months with no problems.

General Comments

Great sounding VA. It has a few bugs (there is noticeable stepping) when you twist the "Amount of Contour" dial and you cannot reset the decay time of the amplitude envelope while you are playing a note (as you can on the original Mini). Both these bugs are supposed to be fixed in the next update. It is a little pricey but, as I said, it sounds fab.

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