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Sound Quality

I use Fender Pro Jrs.,Peavey Delta Blues(115),Roland Blues Cube and a Fender Ultra Chorus(on occasion). As for guitars,an '87 Fender Strat Plus w/ gold sensors,an'88 The Heritage CM-150, and a '93 Gibson ES-350t. I use a multiple amount of boss pedals. This mod of the blues driver is great. It is extremely quiet. I leave it own most of the time. It can do clean volume boost and outrageous overdrive. Adds a definite sparkle and life to my rig. The best way to describe it is seems to give everything breath. It will push tube amps into that saturated,edgy world drenched with harmonics.


I have used boss pedals for years. They are most reliable. Steve's mods are first class.


General Comments

Get one of Steve's mods. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Background

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