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Sound Quality

This unit provides a dozen effects in one box, with a host of paramater changes for each. You can tell by the patches that it was designed primarially for guitarists looking to tweak their sound. Thus 'distortion' is a good thing for a guitar, but not to useful for a synth mix. There is multiple reverb, delay, and chorus goodies which can really enhance a mono source, as was the case with some samplers of this vintage. It really shines on vocal enhancement, and is also great for compression setups to get FM quality normalization EQs. Its weakness is background white noise in some effects, which can be frustrating when trying to tweak the output.


I haven't seen the problems other have had with the unit. Maybe I was the one who got the 'working' model. Mine has been rack mounted for 10 years, moved around Los Angeles and across the country, and still works perfectly.

General Comments

The DR-X was what I wanted, a multi-effects unit without having to buy a stack of separate units to do the same thing. It has been used to enhance electronic drums, add stereo to a mono sampler output, enhance vocals, normalize tape recordings, and used as the primary effects on a send/return output of a 24ch mixer. It appears reliable when mounted in a portable rackmount case for gigs, but I've always been very careful with my equipment. If it was lost, I would look at the latest A.R.T effects units for a replacement.

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