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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I can describe the sound pretty well - at max over-drive, its like a slightly weaker, less toneful version of Lynard-Skynard but it won't give you that much color so I wouldn't even use it for that. It is not a post-evh modern amp - and don't even try to do GNR or ZZ sounds with it - it won't push that hard. It's better than a foot pedal but that's not saying much.


who cares

General Comments

I sent resold this stupid thing soon after I tried every option. Don't be fooled by the hype. Get an mp-2 and be happy with much better sound, features, and tonal options. I was able to match the sounds generally with the mp-2 - not exactly but it always sounded better on the mp-2. Obviously Marshall can do much better than this, their little combo tube amps sound awesome but this preamp must have been held back to make it seem like their expensive stuff was worth the money. I've tried many pre-amps (I'm on a quest) but still have not tried the triaxis (everyone claims it's the best) because I stopped wanting more when I found the mp-2. I've also tried and bought/sold marshall amps, Mesa boogie combos, peavey amps and preamps, the carvin quad-x, mp-1 and misc solid state crap. Been playing for 25 years. Any suggestions please email me.

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