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BBE MaxCom Dual-Channel Compressor

Sound Quality

started out using this unit in my studio for bass compression and also as an enhancment for my personal sound system . If not for the unbearable hum and hiss,this unit would be excellant. I have tried many differant setups and cable configurations and this unit has way to much noise for any quality application. I dont know if it is defective or just a piece of crap. My heart is broken after spending the bucks on this unit.


It always turns on. but sometimes the right side seems not to compress. I dont want to sound vain but I do know how to set up and use these type of units. This one just drives me nuts and I am not using it for anything. A waste of money.


General Comments

I play and enjoy all types of live and recorded music.I have been playing since 1970 both live and in studios.If it was stolen I would not be mad. or replace it, I probably would feel sorry for whoever ended up with it. I have used many other compressors many I did not own and some I did and this is the least favorite of all.

Reviewer's Background

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