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Sound Quality

I have a Yamaha AN1X (analog clone) which I run through the fazer into an old silver face Fender Bassman amp with a 15" speaker. The fazer really boosts the signal. Unless I keep the synth volume way down I get distortion. Tube distortion is nice though. Warms up the sound. There's a warm organic sound that really enhances the AN1X. Very good approximation of the old classic analog phase shifters with lots of cool 21st Century options. You can sync the phase modulation to tempo. Dial up an analog pad, tap the tempo button, hold down a chord. Instant Nirvana. No noise. I like the washing machine sound of the old phase shifters-none at all in this unit.


It would work fine in the studio. Wall wart. I'd put the fazer in a sturdy padded box if I was going to gig with it.

General Comments

You're not going to get a better phase shifter new for $50.00. The unit gives a nice sound that fits in well with classic rock and psychedelia. It would be nice if the unit has an on off button, a MIDI input, and patch storage but what do you want for $50.00?

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