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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I am using a massive rig which includes a Mesa Triaxis, the JMP-1 and lately I have been using the Tech 21 Character series Liverpool as a preamp direclty to my 2:90...I have already raved about the Liverpool but only if you use it like a preamp. I am using a GCX Audio switcher to control the preamps and my pedals which are racked in my rig. I gig pretty regularly so I use 2 1x12 Boogie cabs loaded with the old school Black Shadows for stereo and then mic'd. OK...soo here is the deal on the JMP-1: I really had lowered expectations because I have been using the Triaxis for around 20 years now and have really liked it a lot. The JMP is Marshall to the core..it really gets those tight focused gritty distortion tones. It acts and reacts like a Marshall. I can dial in some great classic tones i.e. Malcolm Young or the blistering metal tones of Rhoades, Priest etc....The harmonic content is massive. This is something that I have admired about the Boogie but the Marshall is actually much more active in this area. If you like to chug and squeel...the Marshall actually makes it much easier to do. The distortions sound natural and not spikey at the top end. On most amps the first thing I end up doing is turn the treble down! This preamp runs at flat or just under flat at the highs and is very smooth. The mid contorl is a little crazy though...I find that I flatten it out or drop it just below center to get that old familiar Marshall tone. The bass control is responsive and focused but can muddy up on the OD channels if not careful. The Presence control is pretty useful. It does exactly what it is supposed to do...move things a little more to the front via high end curve. It's very effective but you have to keep an eye on for fear of spikey tones. The bass boost feature can get crazy too but it really does round things out for solos. I am gonna use the Marshall as my ryth for the harder edged stuff that my band does and stick to the Triaxis for solos. The clean channels on the Marshall are useful but to tell you the truth I will probably stick to the Boogie for clean tones too....but the jury is still out on that one. If you are looking for a good midi preamp..this IS one of them. I am so glad I bought this and wish I would have done it years ago. It is very nice to have the full pallet of Boogie and Marshall sounds at my feet and it really does give you the essence of the Marshall history time and time again. I give it a 9 because an EQ would have been nicer.


Don't know yet...just bought it a few weeks ago.

General Comments

I am in a cover band that plays rock music a little more to the 70's and 80's harder edged stuff. Authentic tones have always been very important to me and this is why a midi preamp has been so useful for me. I have been playing for more than 30 years and own a TON of gear. It this were lost or stolen, I would replace it right away. I do wish it had a 5 band eq so I simply added and MXR through the loop to make that happen. This unit has allowed me to replicate some much wanted tones including Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Randy Rhoades, EVH and even great medium tones like Rick Nielson, Cult, Journey etc.....You can get a pretty good deal on these now days too so there is really no reason not to get a GCX switcher and start mixing preamps up! Much easier than carrying a half ton of amps with you!!

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