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M-Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Sound Quality

Attention! This keyboard is worthless, at least as it works with Logic. I'd read the other reviews before I purchased mine and I kind of figured, "You know, these audio people are so picky, it's probably fine." It's not fine, and the main beef is with the velocity. I don't even understand could release this kind of product. Bring up a fender rhodes and it's impossible to reproduce a near sound because no matter how hard you hit the key, it registers mild. It's also very hard to get a soft tone from this keyboard. Maybe it's the "semi-weighted" action -- the way they have it just seems a short cut to weighting -- there's just too much resistance on the keys. My radium 61 was broken, which is why I went after the 88es. I returned that 88es and fixed my radium, which is really quite expressive and performs perfectly for my purposes.



General Comments

Really, listen (as I didn't) to the warnings -- this keyboard is useless if you want any expression born out by your playing.

Reviewer's Background

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