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Sound Quality

This Bass, although different from other Hagstroms I have Owned, has Applications for Classic to Modern Styles of Music, Dependent upon Switch and Amp EQ Settings. It is not as Full or Rich as some other Basses ( I.E. Fenders ), but it does Cut thru the Mix. I Presently have it Strung with D'Addario ENR71 Medium-Scale 1/2 Rounds, but I am going to soon try a Set of D'Addario Chrome Flatwounds. One Concern I have is that there is Little Fret Life left on the Third and Fourth Frets, so Flatwounds are the best way to go to Preserve the Frets. The Bass makes a Bunch of Cool Sounds, but I don't Love the Tone Switch.....it's All or Nothing ! It could be Modified with a Capacitor and a Different Resistance Value Volume Pot, but I am going to Leave it as Original for now.


Took the Bass out to a Couple of Open-Stage Jams...No Problems. I had Previously Installed Strap-Locks. Hey, after Forty Years, this Bass has Proven itself ! At 6 Lbs., it is a Light Bass, very Guitar-Like.

General Comments

Playing since 1969.

Also Own a Hofner Model 185 Early 60's Solid-Body Bass, a Hofner 70's Model 4890 Western Acoustic Guitar, a Hartke Kickback 10 Amp, a Fender BXR25 Amp, and a Rolls Mini-Mix 51 System.


I Probably wouldn't Buy another Bass like this. I Really don't Like Switches, especially the Tone Switch.

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